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JImageView allows viewing of GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIF, BMP (Win95 type),
and any other type of images that the Java Advanced Imaging (JAI) API supports.
Other features include: images can be zoomed in or out, slide show,
thumbnail view and thumbnails can be cached to disk.

Tested on Windows 98 and Linux (Red Hat 7.3).
Also works on Solaris and should work on any other
Java 2 (JDK/JRE >= 1.2) platforms.

Requires JDK/JRE >= 1.2 (1.4 is recommended, Sun or Blackdown should work)
and JAI (performance pack version available from
Sun for Windows and Solaris and for Linux from Blackdown).

An all Java version of JAI is also available from Sun.

A version of JImageView that works without JAI (JImageViewNOAI) and a webstart version are also available.

Released under the terms of the GPL (version 2).

The latest version, 0.5pre1, was released 8/29/2002.

Checkout CVS and more at JImageView's SourceForge project page
You'll need these two images (1, 2) for the version in CVS

JImageView is written by Joseph McMurry
Email: j3mcmurry at n0 yahoo spam d0t com (no spam) (PGP public key)

Feel free to send any problems, feature requests, bug reports, patches, etc.
Last updated 8/27/2003